Breeding Facility

Farm Little Creek has an extensive breeding program under supervision from the best veterinarians in our region. We feel the need to let horses live in their natural habitat where we have been succesfull in more than 95% of conceiving mares. Nature guides the stallion to choose the perfect moment to predict the ovulation. We have experienced no accidents from stallions or injuries with the broodmares in all these years. When a stallion and mare live together, they only experience respectful behavior towards one another. Only the best care is good enough for our horses. We have four stallions that breed at the moment and some are standing stud for outside mares. For more information, please send us a message.

There is a possibility to let your horses foal out at Farm Little Creek. Your horses will be monitored with a birth alarmsystem and kept under continuous camera supervision. They all will have a daily turn out. The foal will get all the necessary tests and coggins from the beginning to ensure a good start. We try to give all the chances to these newborn critters, we all love so dearly.

Stud Fee (one ultrasound free)e

Stud fee Rebel:                                       €  2066 euro (excl. tax), Limited breedings available

Stud fee Ragnar                                     No outside breedings available

Stud fee President                                 No outside breedings available

Board: Mare                                            €  6,60 (excl. tax) per day

Board: Mare and Foal                            €  8,25 (excl. tax) per day

Foals Price List

- Reservation foals in utero:                € 750 

- Every horse purchased at Farm Little Creek, will get a reduction when it will be trained by Farm Little Creek - Tanja Cremers.

- Every foal from Farm Little Creek that wins at the European Regional Championship or the European Nationals a Grand Champion title will get 500 euro and for a Reserve Grand Title 250 euro. (Maximum two times for each horse).