Foaling Center


By studying bloodlines frequently and trying to predict the next generation of champions, we have strived to create a new modern line within Europe. 2016 has given us a few very rare combinations and they enter the show ring in 2017. We are very proud that horses with the prefix “FLCreek” will start to compete and give people all the joy in the world. All the horses and combinations due for the next year are shown hereunder. 

There is a possibility to let your horses foal out at Farm Little Creek. Your horses will be monitored with a birth alarmsystem and kept under continuous camera supervision. They all will have a daily turn out. The foal will get all the necessary tests and coggins from the beginning to ensure a good start. We try to give all the chances to these newborn critters, we all love so dearly.

Price list Breeding Center

Foaling out mare:                                  € 250

Boarding                                                 €  10 per day

Mares and their foals will be monitored before, during and after their deliveries. This includes extra large stalls with individual feed optimized, 24/24 7/7 camera surveillance and up-to-date foaling monitoring device.

This is exclusive the costs for extra medicine that is needed or veterinary care in seldom cases.

Foals Price List

- Reservation foals in utero:                € 750 

- Every horse purchased at Farm Little Creek, will get a reduction when it will be trained by Farm Little Creek - Tanja Cremers.

- Every foal from Farm Little Creek that wins at the European Regional Championship or the European Nationals a Grand Champion title will get 500 euro and for a Reserve Grand Title 250 euro. (Maximum two times for each horse).

Expected Combinations

Expected combinations for President in 2020

- Lucy

- Strike (HOF MICHIGAN'S STRIKING PERFORMER) leased from So Chic Miniatures

- Cleo (Lilac Hills Cleopatra) leased from Davhynya Stables)

Expected combinations for Sensa in 2020: 

National Grand Champion and National Grand Champion Pleasure Driving and owned by Double E Ranch

- Roxx (co-owned with Jacob and Richard from Double EE Ranch)


Expected combinations for Rebel in 2020:


- Amazing

Expected combinations for Ragnar in 2020:

- Birdie

- Riri (owned by Leni Lundsgaard from Denmark)

Expected combinations for Obsession in 2020:

- Tikah