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Farm Little Creek Training Center

FLCreek - Tanja Cremers will start a training center from 2017.  Since december 2019 the training facility will be closed. Tanja ended her training career with winning a supreme world champion title in Europe.

As of 2017, Tanja has decided to become a professional trainer. Tanja is now accepting horses for training in the coming year.  She focuses carefully on selecting their dietary need and adapting this regimen on a weekly basis. Tanja provides a solid base for maintaining horses in top condition to have enough energy to train and to build up muscle. This notion is especially true when taking the horses to several shows a year. They need to give everything and stay energetic throughout the season. A good training and impeccable grooming will make the picture complete. We strive for happy, healthy, well trained horses.

Our key lies in the bond between horse and human which has to be a friendship based upon mutual respect. If you are interested into putting your horses in training with Tanja, please do not hesitate to contact her on facebook, email: or via the website

While ribbons and trophies are wonderful, they cannot replace the enjoyment of the animal itself.  Therefore they are our first priority at all times. Our atmosphere is one of teamwork and good sportsmanship. When you show with our Training Center you are a valuable part of our team and when you win, we all win!

Training Fees: Discounts given for multiple horses

Halter training, including full board:          €350 per month

Off season training:                                         €250 per month (after the show season horses remain on a show diet, neck wraps, daily turnout and light exercise)

Show -Full body clip & Facial, (incl. products, groomteam, etc (per show)):        € 150 

Full body clip & facial - training horse:                                                                           €  100

Partial body clip - training horse:                                                                                    €   50

Full body clip & facial - outside horses:                                                                          € 120

Dyeing Mane & Tail (2 times a year or as needed):                                                     €  25 

Hoof trim:                                                                                                                               €  25

Deworming:                                                                                                                           €  10

Show transport:                                                                                                                    €0.30/km, (min. of €20)

Regular horse transport:                                                                                                   €0.60/km, (min. of €50)

Dental services                                                                                                                     actual cost

Veterinary services                                                                                                             actual cost

Photo shoot                                                                                                                           actual cost

Sellers Agent Fee: 10% commission on sale price due from owner of any horse sold while in training or within 90 days of leaving FLCreek

Catch handling fee:

- regular class:                                                € 50 

- grand champion class:                               € 75   

- supreme class:                                            €100

Clinic:                                                                                                                                         €   40

Introduction lessons (3 hours):                                                                                          €   100

Private lesson:                                                                                                                        €   40/hour


- All prices indicated are tax inclusive.

- The owner of the horse should provide a blanket (summer and winter) and a halter and lead with each of his horses. Farm Little Creek will provide the showhalter and neck sweats.

- There are no additional show fees for a local show, european regional show or european nationals.

- Late Fees- Bills are due upon receipt. A 5% late fee will be charged on accounts that are 30 days or more past due. All customer accounts must be current for a client's horse to attend a show.

- Additional Costs- Expenses such as Coggins, shots, vaccinations, health certs., flushes, cultures, ultrasounds, etc. will be billed as needed by FLCreek or the attending veterinarian.

- Horses Leaving Farm- Arrangements must be made with FLCreek no less than 7 days prior to picking a horse up. All monies due must be paid in full before a horse can leave FLCreek's custody.

Prices effective November 1st, 2016. Prices subject to change with 30 days notice to all clients if possible.
Multi horse discounts will be handled on a case by case basis. At FLCreek our goal is to bring out the greatest potential in your horse. Congress, National & World Champion titles are our ultimate goal. At local shows, as well as Championship and World Championship Shows, Grand and Supreme classes are considered "icing on the cake". Tanja Cremers will choose which horse(s) to present in Grand and Supreme classes according to which horse we believe has the greatest opportunity to win on that given day. 

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