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Home of the 2016 AMHA European Regional Open Supreme Champion : Rebel

Home of the 2008 AMHA European Regional Amateur Supreme Champion: Secret

From as long as they can remember, Tanja and Kevin have always been passionate about horses. Tanja’s grandfather has worked with big Belgian draft horses in the forest. On weekends they would watch her uncles, who were jockeys, on the race circuit. Not too long after, she asked her own little pony to Santa Claus. Tanja loved going on long trail walks together with her father. Kevin started to ride horses when he was six and attended pony camps during holidays.  That led to purchasing his first Irish thoroughbred stallion, and Kevin fell in love with charismatic, powerful horses.

As a married couple, we are very grateful that we share the same passion for these animals.  We had the opportunity to buy our first house on one acre of land, but we needed a horse.  After viewing a documentary about miniature animals, we desired to search more about the American miniature horse.  Not only were we attracted to the beauty of these animals, but also the opportunity to participate in very broad competitions. Every detail of the horse is enlightened: from the beauty in halter, to the graciousness in driving, from the diversity in hunter to the control in horsemanship. We decided to look for three of these wonderful companions to come into our lives, and Farm Little Creek was established in 2011 -  the beginning of a fairy tale.

Farm Little Creek or “FLC” is short for Family Lathouwers-Cremers.  The name stems from a little creek that meanders in front of our house which leads to another passion of ours – the touching story of Spirit – “the Stallion of the Wild West.” A little Indian with a soul for animals and an understanding of their language, became the best friend of this wild stallion. The bond between animals and humans is enhanced in the show ring out of respect.  These friends will do anything for you - that is our slogan.

They say “you can’t have only one!” applied to us, and soon we needed a new place for us and all the animals. Farm Little Creek moved to a remote oasis of tranquility in the northeast of Belgium. On ten acres we have fifteen large pastures where the horses can live outside all year long in the best conditions available. We have room to house forty-five horses in tailor-made stables built for up to 38” miniature horses.  It includes two sand paddocks with drainage and a state-of-the-art hot walker for training all year long and a shower and solarium to let them relax and build up their muscles after training sessions. Every horse gets turned out daily, to stay in a good condition and have a happy mindset - our ultimate goal. We attach a lot of importance to playing with their friends, and the feeling of belonging in a herd and enjoying the juicy green grass.

The diversity of a horse ranch – giving back

Horses give us so much joy and energy, that we want to give something back to our society. We have started tours for kindergarten and primary schools where they visit us once a year and learn what the farm life means. They get to cuddle with our rabbit, chickens, dog, cats and of course learn how to lead and treat a horse in a respectful manner.

Another project we have focuses on a school for people with mental or social handicaps and/or behavioral problems. They arrive in groups of six people to work with us at the farm. These moments are the most precious for us.  For example, we witnessed our alpha mare, who normally is wild and bossy, go up to child with autism and instantly become best friends. They did not communicate with words, but their gestures opened a whole new world for them. For one and a half years, we have been assigned as an internship for two young adults, in order to prepare them for future employment

We try to teach teenagers and young adults a different way of working in a place where they can forget their everyday troubles. In this way, they learn how to deal with different life situations.

Our last project is for children who are placed in a home because of a problematic parenting situation. During their holidays they can find an escape from their difficult lives and for those who do not have the opportunity to go on camps or holidays with their family. Although it is something different from what they are accustomed, they adore it. Some of them choose the ranch life above other hobbies and continue to come every week on Wednesdays.

We are very grateful for all the help everybody gives us, and the smile on their faces is all we want to see at the end of each day.

There is a possibility to have your horses boarded in our stable as well have them give birth to their precious foals. Boarding Facility and Foaling Facility will open in 2017. 

In 2015 our dream came true and Tanja had the chance to show our own horse in the senior mare class and was given the chance to show a senior stallion as well. Thank you Jacob Elliott and Richard Erickson from Double E ranch for your friendship. Meanwhile Tanja has shown horses at nationals and at Congress and has catch handled horses for other trainers as well in the United States. She has been present in the winner's circle at the three major World Championships in the United States and at the two major European Championships.

Our stallions are limited available for outside breedings. You are welcome to inquire for the possibilities by mail or facebook. To hold the quality in the herd and keep the numbers manageable. From time to time we will put some horses for sale, although you are free to ask for any horse that attracts your attention. The training facility has been closed since december 2019.

If you would like some more information about our horses or the american miniature horse in general. Do not hesitate to stroll around our website, send us a mail or pay us a quick visit, our fantastic team will always make time for you! 

Every year we will chose a theme to name our foal crop, like this we will always know in which year they were born.

2015: Game of Thrones

2016: Vikings

2017: Narnia

2018: Hunger Games

2019: Fantastic Beasts

2020: ...

We wish you a lot of pleasure

Tanja Cremers and Kevin Lathouwers

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